Endorsit is born out of the Internet and blockchain technologies, by using the Token
Economy to reposition the role of each participant in the content field and regrouping
the interests of each participant.

Endorsit is determined to solve the problems of the traditional Internet content field,
relying on the launched eco-products and Endorsit Chain to transfer the team's
successful experience from the traditional Internet content field to this new industry,
and creating a subdivision new world significantly.

EDS is a base token in the Endorsit ecosystem and also a kind of Gas Price
measurement in the future Endorsit Chain.

EDS represents the value, assets, equity, incentives, trust, production relationship,
and etc. It solves a series of traditional problems such as inconvenient value transfer,
unfair return, unique asset uncertainty, no incentive mechanism, and difficulty in
transmitting trust.

The holders of EDS are hereby referred to as “EDS Fans”. Currently, the number
EDS Fans has exceeded 180,000.

EDS Fans can use EDS in the Endorsit ecosystem, as well as to gain the
power based on how much and how many day of EDS is locked consecutively.

A fixed percentage of EDS will be released every year to global EDS Fans who
lock-up EDS as a reward to recognize EDS Fan's contribution to the Endorsit

METHOD 1: EDS is currently listed at the Bit-Z and BigOne exchanges, and EDS can
be purchased directly from the above mentioned exchanges.

METHOD 2: Endorsit will organize community activities from time to time. Participate
in community activities can obtain EDS. Kindly follow our official social media for
latest information.

METHOD 3: There will be a “contribution incentive” in the Endorsit eco-application.
Application user who contribute to the community can obtain EDS.

EDS Online Exchange